Easter 2024

Our last Saturday before the Easter weekend saw 26 juniors attend our end of term Swiss Tournament, 5 rounds with 10mins ea on the clock and what a great feast of chess we had.

Zander won the Major with Nicolas coming in second after a tie break game with Sameer.

Eduard swept the board in the Minor group with Noah getting a well deserved second place. All presented with cash prizes, certificates and the winners also receiving medals.

Ladder Winners

As reported last week our four ladder winners:- Harish, Joey, Pavina and Eduard, who needs a wheelbarrow to take home his medals and winnings!

All received medals, certificates and cash prizes – well done to all our winners and runner ups.

All other juniors who attended received certificates in appreciation of their dedication to our chess club.

Christmas 2023 Swiss Tournament

Our end of term Christmas competition was played in an excellent spirit, where 20 junior players took part in 5 rounds of competitive chess. 

I am delighted to report all entrants arrived on time, sat down to play and give their all over the next 3 hours. 

There were two sections – a major and a minor 

Leo gallantly opted to help rather than play, to give the other competitors every chance of success. 

The level of chess was excellent and all players scored points in both sections. 

Major section 

Results:- 1st –  Marcel 4/5,  2nd – Nicolas 3.5/5 (on countback) and equal 3rd – Harry and Nathaniel both on 3.5/5. 

Inter and minor section 

Results- 1st -Neil 5/5,  2nd – Blake 4/5,  3rd – Filip 3/5 

Well done to all that competed in an enjoyable and fun day, 

10 second Lightening Tournament July 2023

Our final day at the Elstead Hotel proved to be a bonanza day with 29 juniors coming along to play in a buzzer event over 5 rounds and what a day it was! It felt very special. 

The first round was an open draw and all the other rounds were based on a Swiss system with players on equal scores playing each other. 

Rounds 1 and 2 were played at 10 seconds a move and then it was accelerated to 8 seconds and finally 7 seconds for each move. 

We had a full complement of some of the top players in the area including, Zander/Finn/Leo and Harry Mercer. All playing in the adult league chess leagues and getting stronger all the time. 

 The next level of juniors were:- Tristan/Dima/Marcel/Leland/Kane/Jiya/Nicolas/Joey/Woody/Jesse/

Lathujan/Harry Lee and Rafan . 

Other players on the day and regulars over the years in our club including this year were – Swara/Kehind/Fabrizio/Harish/Nirvan/Shriya/Larissa/Blake/Noah/

Pavina and Carlos. A wonderful turn out! 

Winners on the day were: 

=1st Zander and Finn on 4.5/5 having mutually agreed a draw after the 1st move in the final game 

=2nd Leo/Harry M/Dima on 4/5. 

All were given cash prizes. 


The purpose of the competition was to try something completely different on the board using the same chess moves as we know them, but on different starting squares and with the sole purpose of losing all pieces as quickly as possible!

Once again Finn and Zander could not choose between themselves who should win, having played and drawn against each other, each scoring 6.5 from 7 games played, whilst Leo and Pavina both scored 5 from 7 to take second place, 8 juniors tied on 4 points each, so well done to all of them. Cash prizes were given to the top four players.

December 2022 Blitz Competition

Our strongest players Zander and Finn took the accolades in the advanced group. Well done Nathaniel, who dominated in the intermediate group. Yash and Marcel were equal top in the minor section.

All 25 players managed to score and went home with something to remember.

There were prizes & medals for the ladder board winners, the three sections of winners and second places in all events and all 25 players received attendance certificates.

Summer 2022 Swiss Tournament

Our last Saturday before the summer break attracted 19 youngsters to participate in a 6 round Swiss tournament split between advanced and intermediate players. Clocks set at 10 mins each.

In the advanced section a tie was decided between Zander and Finn as neither could force a win against each other. Both scored 5 1/2 out of 6 and a decider was played which ended in a draw.

Chasing them both was Joey who ended up with 4 out of 6.

In the intermediates, Jesse did very well with 5 out of 6, losing only to Yash in the first round, (obviously needed a warm up). Lathujan come a close second with 4 1/2 points.

All winners had cash prizes.

Fun Lightning Competition


Well done to all our 20 juniors who joined in and competed in a Lightning 10 second buzzer competition.

Dress attire was all things Xmas, including the management that wore Elves hats to make the kids feel at home.

As always, the games were played in good spirits and competitive, many games were played to a really good standard. It was especially pleasing to see our beginners competing for the 1st time in any chess competition and I am hopeful it will spur them on to learn and play more chess in the future.

The enthusiasm and enjoyment from all the juniors both at the board and around the event was felt by all and I am sure this will encourage them to continue playing and loving chess.


Gold and Silver Medals were given to all winners in the weekly ladder board competition and medals were given to 1st to 5th place in the Lightning competition. Everyone that attended were given a certificate of a Excellence for their efforts and attendance at our club. The pictures of them holding them up tells the story.

I need to mention all our dedicated helpers that come along and support the weekly chess sessions, that’s Graham, Steve, Paul Errington, Dee Sachs plus the occasional support of members from Poole Chess Club, without them, it would not be possible to receive the numbers of juniors that are so keen to play. I am proud to mention we started over the board chess on the 22/5/21 and have continued every Saturday through to this event 18/12/21.

We plan to resume the lessons on the 8th January 2022


Simultaneous Results and photos July 17th 2021

A scintillating morning of simultaneous chess featuring are very own and highly rated Poole Chess Club player Mike Duggan, due to Covid restrictions and some juniors having to isolate, numbers were depleted to only 11 taking part, nevertheless, some Stella performances evolved, of which all participants can be very proud of.

The time control for the whole event was set at 2 hours and during that time of deep concentration, no one actually beat Mike, but there were 5 drawn games agreed, of which it was decided by Mike and Eric, that the best three games played were by:-

Kacper (1st prize £25)

Jesse (2nd prize £15)

Jiya (3rd prize £10)

 Other players that achieved draws were:

Jivitesh and Zander

 Everyone who took part received a certificate to commemorate the day., with a photoshoot afterwards.

A huge thanks to Mike Duggan for giving up his time to entertain and maybe educate our juniors.

Tournament held at Highcliffe School December 14th 2019

In our first tournament under the banner of “Bournemouth Junior Chess” we had 40 very keen youngsters from ages 7-15, who turned up to play some competitive and thrilling chess. With 15 minutes each on the clock, and over 6 rounds, there was plenty to play for.

All the players were winners by coming along, some for the 1st time, the excitement and enjoyment of all was clear to see and all the games were played competitively and without any issues.

Trophies were given to the winners of each year group and also medals presented to each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in each year group. There were 21 prizes awarded much to the pleasure of all parents.

We would like to thank Highcliffe school for providing the excellent facilities and venue which proved to be perfect for the event. We hope to return there next year for a 2nd Championship