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The Rousseau Gambit

Sicilian Defense – Closed variation

The Benko Gambit

The Sicilian Defence

The Czech Pirc

General Hints and Tips


Ruy Lopez Opening

The Ruy Lopez, named after a Spanish priest, is a strong opening against Black’s 1……e5 it gives White better chances of securing an advantage than some other lines.

Here are the first few moves, just to get you started.

Guioco Piano

The key to getting a good position from the opening is to control the centre, many games will begin with White playing e4 as an opening move. The Italian game or Guioco Piano, takes a clear aim at the f7 pawn and can be a dangerous opening for Black to defend.


 There are so many options for Black against E4:-

E5 – King Pawn / E6 – French / C5 – Sicilian / Nf6 – Alekhine

Nc6 – Nimzovitch / G6 – Modern / D5 – Scandinavian

D6 – Pirc / C6 – Caro Kann / B4 – Owens / G7 Kings  Indian etc. which could cause you trouble if you don’t know how to reply.

But with the London System you can develop your opening as White without having to worry too much about what Black is doing.

d4 – Nf3 – Bf4 – e3 – c3 – Nd2 – Bd3 – Qc2 -  O-O (O-O-O)

This is typical of Whites position to aim for after 9 moves. Once the Rooks are connected, the opening is more or less completed.

It’s not a sharp opening, but it’s good against most of Blacks replies.

The dark square Bishop gets into the game early, minor pieces are well developed.

You have control of the centre, it’s a solid build and it’s hard for Black to get centre play

Castle either side

Remember, it’s not how many pieces you have, it’s how many pieces are active.

Thinking Process

 What’s my Best Move – should I Attack or Defend? – What’s my Opponent thinking? Have I any Tactics and Ideas? - Who has unprotected pieces?

Where are my Strengths – Weakness’  - Opportunities - Threats?

Remember  COT

C – Centre control

O – Rooks belong on Open files

T – Targets