6th July 2024

From Natalia Liubchenko - 6th March 2023

My son has been a member of Bournemouth Junior Chess Club for the past three years, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his experience there. The club is run by experienced and knowledgeable coaches who are passionate about teaching children the game of chess. They do an excellent job of making the game accessible and fun for young players.

My son has made significant progress in his chess skills, and I credit this to the engaging and well-structured lessons that the club provides. The club also organizes tournaments and other events that provide great opportunities for players to challenge themselves and compete against other kids. The club has a friendly and supportive environment, where children of all skill levels are encouraged to participate and improve.

Overall, I highly recommend Bournemouth Junior Chess Club for anyone who wants to give their child the opportunity to learn and develop their chess skills. The club is well-run, and the coaches are truly dedicated to helping children succeed. I am confident that my son will continue to thrive and grow as a chess player as he continues to participate in the club.

Unfortunately, it was our last session in Bournemouth Junior club as we have to move to London. I would like to thank you and your team, children and their families for your support, for the opportunity to meet and communicate to you all, for the great experience you have given to Daniel in his chess life. Hope to see you once upon a time on a tournaments 


 Take care. Natalia