The Blackmar Gambit

10 ways to trap your opponents Queen

5 Traps against d4

Queen takes Rook on a1
Black mates with Bishop and Knight
Black wins White Queen
Black is a piece up
Black is ahead in material and Whites queen side destroyed

Englund Gambit

The Englund Gambit Trap is an ambitious attempt by black to lure white into making rational, but dangerous moves. Black will give up the e pawn early on and then bring out his queen for a quick attack on the queen side of the board. The critical move comes after black takes with 5…Qxb2.

Fried Liver Attack

The Fried Liver Attack is one of the most aggressive openings from white as you will be sacrificing one of your minor pieces very early in the game.

This aggressive attack starts from the Italian game and will play out if black chooses to defend with the two knights defense.

Fishing Pole

The Fishing Pole is one of the hardest chess traps not to fall into. White has so many opportunities to hang himself and black simply waits to see if he takes the bait. If white never does bite, black can develop like normal, not giving up much ground in development. Black will still have a very good game.