Another hot and sweltering day brought us 20 youngsters still eager for a game of chess, unfortunately we were a little light on tutors due to holidays and illness but Azhar, Martin and Graham did their best to educate and entertain all those who attended:-

Max, Nicholas, Tristan, Harry, Sameer, Markas, Larissa, Teddy, Amelia, Noah, Albert, Neil, Rafan, Aman, Arthur, Andrew, Thomas, Victor, Alfie and last but not least Lewis.

Although it was hot outside the A/C in our room kept the temperature a little on the cool side (no way of tuning it off apparently) so be warned, bring extra clothing if it’s too cold for you.

Martin took both sessions of the advanced groups keeping all in the ‘dark’ with a projector screening of puzzles and a short game.

Azhar and Graham tested the beginners / intermediates with puzzles on Pins, Forks, Skewers and discovered attacks. Shining bright was Amelia who shows great promise in becoming a very good chess player.

Neil eventually beat Rafan to go top of the Advanced 11.30am Ladder

Marcas playing footsie with a guilty look, (and forgetting to press the clock) maybe trying to put off Amelia who went on to win ……..on time!

Noah in a very relaxed position on his way to winning the final against Teddy in the 10am intermediates Knockout competition.

In the 11.30am intermediate knockout Arthur beat Alfie in the semi final and then went on to play his younger brother Andrew in the final in which he won again, so congratulations to both Noah and Arthur on winning their finals.

We still await the finals for the advanced groups, hopefully next week depending who turns up we might get some results.

Ladder and Knockout tables

Wins today for Arthur, Noah, Amelia, Larissa, Max, Sameer, Alfie, Neil, Andrew, and Victor

Nicolas marches on, only one loss all season against Max, superb! Neil takes over the top spot in the other group.

Larissa opens up a gap against Noah who has played more games in the knockout, Aman, Arthur and Andrew fight amongst themselves for that top spot.

Knockout charts

End of term

A reminder that our last Saturday before the holidays will be 20th July when we will hold our usual end-of-term competition and prize giving, this will take the form of several rounds of chess starting at 10 am sharp and finishing at around 12.30pm. Parents are encouraged to attend the prize giving / photo shoot at 12.30pm.

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