We welcomed 24 juniors who came along to learn and play chess including newcomer Albert whom we hope we will come back again.

In Tony’s absence Eric took the 1st advanced session and reviewed an interesting game played recently in the Casablanca memorial event between Magnus Carlsen and Hikura Nakamura.

One of the themes of the event is for players to replicate famous previous games and with Carlson’s near photographic memory played the same 15 moves as one of the Kasparov – Karpov games in the 80’s although Carlson was not even born.

The game itself is a standard Sicilian defence and despite Nakamura opening up on the K side with g4 and h4 Carlson was comfortable in defence and gradually took control of the Q side and centre of the board with great imagination to defeat Nakamura in 35 moves.

Nakamura v Carlsen

If 36) Queen takes Rook …….Queen to d1 #

I was very impressed by Aarav who knew of the competition and could remember some of the moves. Max, Harry, Nicholas and Tristan all contributed through the game and offered good alternatives to the actual moves played.

Martin with the aid of the projector (now week 3) took the 2nd advanced session with Eric supporting the cast of Jiya, Joey, Jesse, Neil and Rafan. Martin set up a selection of 6 puzzles at various strengths which all studied and in general did very well to solve and get the right solutions.

Steve, Paul, Azhar and Graham kept the classes of intermediates amused and confused with notation, middle game techniques and all things chess.

Just 4 weeks to go before we play our competition event on the 20/7 which will mark the end of our summer sessions until September. By then both the Ladder and Handicap competitions will be won or lost.

Eric Sachs

Ladder games and latest positions

Wins today for Max, Nicholas, Harry, Noah, Larissa, Arthur, Jesse, Neil, Eduard and Aman.

A quick reminder of the standings in the Handicap:-

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