We enjoyed hosting 17 junior chess players yesterday which was a good turnout considering the sunshine and half term.

Tony our specialist puzzle king returned to set up various puzzles to solve at different levels. All did well to get through them and hopefully they will see similar lines during their own games.

Martin O’ Neill used the aid of a projector onto a white screen which was well received and an alternative from the manual demonstration board. This allowed 4/5 puzzles to be shared amongst the 2nd advanced group and all did well getting through and solving the various mates. We plan to carry on with the projector for the next few weeks.

Martin also went through a game by Friedrich Saemisch and Aron Nimzowitsch played in 1923 which can be viewed in full in our GAMES page.

This is the position after Black’s final move.

Graham/Steve/Azhar and yours truly went through various tactics/games/openings with the intermediates and beginners. Neil played an exceptionally good and interesting game with Eric where he managed to force the king out into the danger area, pushed pawns forward and winning the game with an excellent bishop mate, well done Neil.

Remember these 5 simple tips:-

As always many thanks to our dedicated team of Graham / Steve / Azhar / Tony and Martin. Due to a shortage of coaches we seconded Paul Errington over to Wimborne to assist Graham Hillman who is short of coaches. Well done Paul.

Eric Sachs

Latest Ladder

Wins today for Tristan, Aarav, Noah, Larissa, Eduard, Neil, Arthur, Thomas and Aman. With 5 more weeks left for the Ladder competition, that’s a possible 15 points available, anyone can still win it.

We also have the finals of the Knockout tournament to be played before we have our usual end of term all-play-all fun day in July before the summer holidays.

More informative tips for the beginner:-

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