On a May Bank Holiday and half term we still managed to encourage an excellent 22 young, keen and enthusiastic chess juniors.

Eric took the 1st Advanced session through a selection of puzzles with the theme being Pawn promotion with deflective checks. The 6 puzzles were graded in order of difficulty and nearly all our 7 keen juniors solved them all.

Also a puzzle from the Dorset website was shown on the demonstration board and several of our budding GM’s solved this in good time.

Well done Max, Nicolas, Lathujan, Sameer, Harry, Tristan and Harish.

In the second session, Eric went through some exercises with Rowley who is looking very promising for someone so young, playing a good game with vision.

Thanks go to Azhar, Paul and Graham for taking control in the beginners/intermediate sessions.

Eric Sachs

In the second session, Martin continued the puzzle theme and also went through a game played recently in the Sharjah Masters between Alireza Firouzja v Mila Zarkovic. This game can be viewed in full in our ‘GAMES’ page, he also tested the youngsters with 5 different puzzles.

Couple of Martin’s Puzzles

Puzzle 1

The f3 Knight needs to go to e5…….

Puzzle 2

Classic smothers mate

Puzzle answers:-

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Todays Game Results

There was an excellent game played between Nicolas and Sameer with Nicolas finding an answer to the threat of a mate in 2 in this position:-

What would you play Rf4 or Rxb7? ………… Nicolas played the latter.

Wins today for Nicolas, Harish, Tristan, Pavina, Amelie, Jenson,Eduard and Rafan.

Ladder Positions

Knockout Latest

In the Knockout competition there was an exciting finish between Neil and Rafan, Rafan missing a mating position, Neil hanging on in time trouble, but a good game with Rafan coming out on top and progressing to the next round against Joshua.

So their group now looks like this:-

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