7 helpers/coaches/trainers came along to support the 25 juniors that came along to learn and enjoy chess.

Tony our puzzle king set up 8 problems to solve at different levels to get the kids into the chess mode prior to playing the 1st round of the knock out competition we are running.

Nicholas was in inspired form and ran through all – some with 5 move combinations in record time – well done Nicholas. Nathaniel and Max also did well and showed they can see 3/4/5 moves ahead when presented by a puzzle. Great stuff.

In the 2nd advanced session Martin set up 5 puzzles, which the group of 7 all worked through and found the solutions. Martin went on to demonstrate a game by Kramnik v Kasparov – saccing a Queen to win position, 2 pieces and a couple of pawns. He went on to win this game in great style.

The Kramnik v Kasparov Game

Puzzle Page

A couple of examples of puzzles set by Martin O’Neill, White to play in both. Answers on a postcard to Eric.

Steve, Paul, Azhar, Eric and Graham continued with various aspects of the game with the beginners and intermediates, many of which are showing great improvement in such a short time.

Happy Birthday to Thomas this week 30th April

A good start to the Knockout competition, the first round saw some surprise results, still a few games still to play as and when more juniors return. If a draw is agreed after the 15min each game is concluded, then a 5 min each game is to be played, as we must have a winner. Hopefully the second round will take place in about 3 weeks. Whilst a knockout round is being played, no Ladder games will take place, but 1 point will be given to all who attend.

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