We were very pleased to receive 27 juniors that came along to learn and enjoy chess yesterday. 

A special welcome to our newcomers – Arthur, Andrew and Thomas, & and pleased to see one of our long term players Jiya returning after a few weeks. 

Eric took the 1st session and reviewed a recent candidate match game between Nakamura and Vidit. This exciting game with a couple of variations of the Berlin defence showed panache and bravery from Vidit which he won in 29 moves. This game can be viewed in our ‘GAMES’ page with additional comments.

There were three puzzles – 2 from the Dorset chess website and one from the ‘TIMES’ which were solved by all the young players, well done all. 

Here is the puzzle from the Times, with White to play, can you see how White found a winning solution?

Martin (O’Neill) took the 2nd advanced group and reviewed a world championship match between Karpov and Kasparov, this game can also be viewed in our ‘GAMES’ page. He also went though the same puzzles mentioned above. 

Graham/Paul/Azhar/Steve all took the beginners and intermediates through their paces

Birthday Wishes for this week

Have a great time boys!

Latest Ladder

Wins today for Harry, Noah, Nicolas, Aarav, Carlo, Victor, Filip, Jesse, Neil, Joshua and Jiya.

Knockout Tournament

We hope to have round one of the knockout tournament next week, all members will be in the draw, which will take place next Saturday.

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