On a bright and sunny day we had a total of 17 juniors who came along and with others due to return after the Easter break we look forward to seeing all in the coming weeks. 

Graham continued with the 2nd week of the beginners course with Devansh, whilst Paul and Azhard shared their expertise with Markas, Aarav, Larissa and Carlo. 

Eric took the Advanced session and reviewed the excellent game played by Ivanchuk blowing caution to the wind and advancing the H pawn, getting central control with his bishops and sacrificing his rook to mate his opponent – 26 moves, great stuff. 

Martin O’Neill took the 2nd Advanced session and reviewed a game played by Fischer vs Spassky in the 1972 World Championship.

Position after move 11. Rc1

This was a game won by Fischer executed with precision and accuracy to strangulation by Fischer.

View this game in full in our “GAMES” page. 

I was impressed by some of Joey’s play today and its rewarding to see him improving and getting stronger with his chess. Also, a mention of Markas who as a beginner is showing promise and played a very sound and good game against yours truly. 

Many thanks to Nicolas, Harish, Tristan, Jesse, Eduard, Yash, Neil, Filip, Victor, Rowley, and Aman who also came along and are playing well. 

Our Birthday greetings this week go to Victor, have a great day on the 15th April.

Ladder results and positions after just 2 weeks

Wins today for Nicolas, Aarav, Carlo, Jesse, Joey and Neil.

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