In our penultimate Saturday for this term we had 23 juniors who came to learn and play chess. With the conclusion of the Ladder tournament today, some last minute jostling on the leader board took place.

A warm welcome to a new recruit Aarav, who on first assessments, could be a very good addition to are advanced group.

No Eric or Paul today due to illness, so get well soon both, whilst Steve is away on a Braille Chess tournament somewhere in the outback of the midlands, so good luck to him and in the tournament!

Tony Sanderson took the 10am Advanced group with the very likeable puzzle trail, Azhar determined the ability of our new member Aarav, Graham entertained Marcas, Carlo, Pavina and Larissa in a friendly simultaneous display.

In the second session, Tony put his excellent reputation on the line and conducted a simultaneous with 7 of our top guys, full marks go to Joshua who managed the only points taken from Tony with a draw, playing a very solid game. Azhar gave Aman a lesson on Pawn activity and promotion, Graham played through some games with Alfie and Eduard, focusing on attacking and capturing undefended pieces.

Final Ladder positions

Wins today for Harry, Tristan, Pavina, Max, Carlo and Eduard, so for the news you’re all waiting for:-

Harish wins the 10am advanced

Joey wins the 11.30 advanced

Pavina wins the 10am Intermediates

Eduard wins the 11.30am intermediates

Well done to those four, Medals will be awarded next Saturday.

But others worth a notable mention are Tristan, Neil, Yash, Jesse, Noah and Rowley who all gave their all and played some very worthy games, better luck next time. It must be said also that Leo is currently our strongest player and could have won easily had he not missed a few sessions whilst entering and winning in county competitions. Full marks to him on his achievements this year.

Next weeks Competition.

The last Saturday before a one week break over Easter, we will have a Swiss style tournament, 5 or 6 rounds depending on timing, 10mins each on the clock. Two sections, Advanced players and Beginners/Intermediates. Start time is 10am and with the aim to finish by 12.30pm followed by prize giving. Cash prizes up for grabs, so all to play for. Hopefully (barring computer issues) Certificates will be given to all who have attended on a regular basis this term

Refreshments will be available in the adjoining small room.

Please let Eric know ASAP, if you intend to participate.

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