25 enthusiastic juniors came to learn and enjoy chess today. 

Dorset chess championships – 18/2/24 

Congratulations to Zander and Leo for winning their respective under 14 and under 12 sections. Also well done to Nicolas for coming 3rd in the under 12’s and Eduard in the under 11’s.  All of our competitors scored at least 3 points or more so well done to all for competing and enjoying the day. 

3 of our winners, Leo, Zander and little Rowley, congratulations to all.

Happy Birthday

Our birthday greetings this week go to both Yash (Sunday) and Nathaniel (Wednesday), have a great day!


Sadly Woody has decided to move on from Saturday morning chess, he has been with us for many years now, we appreciate his dedication, certainly a talented chess player, we will miss you Woody. We wish him all the best for the future, of course you are welcome to come back anytime.

Tuition Notes

Yesterday, Zander with support from Eric gave the 1st advanced session, a fide rated game he played in London which showed a sacrifice of a knight for 2 pawns and eventually another pawn with positional advantage, very worthwhile and instructive & showed the variety of opportunity and depth at this level. Well done Zander. 

Martin O Neill went through a Karpov game against Topalov, this game can be viewed in our ‘Games’ page.

Steve, Azhar, Eric and Graham cover various all things chess with the beginners and intermediates including:-

Notation, the Ponziani Opening for White, the Sicilian Opening for Black, mating techniques in the endgame, Fried Liver attack, to name just a few things, let’s hope it’s remembered and tried out.

Ladder competition

Wins today for Leo, Harish, Nicholas, Pavina, Markas (the dancer), Jesse, Eduard, Rafan, Kacper and Rowley.

In the ADVANCED groups, Leo has caught up with Tristan, but Harish is fighting hard, in the 11.30 group, a 3 way tie with Joey, Neil and Yash all on 15 points, with Jesse lingering to pick up the spoils.

Pavina rules the roost in her group, whilst Eduard is proving to be too strong for this group, but Rowley is not far behind, next week it could be an Eduard v Rowley top of the table clash, book your ticket now!

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