To all parents/guardians/junior chess players 
We would like to encourage you to review and use our website, which will help with all things
for improving and learning chess. 
It is updated on a weekly basis after our Saturday club with results from the ladder board
games and details of some of the lessons given. 
It also includes chess traps & gambits, a beginners page, opening techniques, endgame
tactics, chess skills “your bucket list” and other features including some tutorial videos from
Using the website will assist you to improve and develop aspects of chess which is provided
for your benefit. If you have any requests for additional features or improvements to our
website, please let us know.
You can also use the various chess engines such as, Lichess and chess 24 that
provide instant games and puzzles, along with teaching aids and analysis of games.
We hope you take advantage of these facilities. 
Eric Sachs / Graham Morris

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