On week 5 of the winter season of our junior chess club we had 28 keen and enthusiastic juniors. 

Unfortunately we are full up with beginners now as we are week 5 of our database/bucket list of learning chess, we cannot accommodate any more beginners until after Easter at the earliest. 

We welcomed Kacper for the 1st time and Aman who had his 1st full session. 

In the 1st advanced session the group were given 8 various puzzles of various levels by Tony and all or some were solved by Zander (always good to see him, good luck on Monday night) Also Leo/Tristan/Harry/Nicolas Harish, Sameer and Lathujan. Well done all. 

Happy Birthday to Tristan on Thursday

In the 2nd advanced session this group were shown a game of pawn strangulation by Martin O ‘Neill. 

This was well received by Joey/Jesse/Woody/Yash/Jiya/and Neil. 

Both sessions were given leaflets of the upcoming Dorset junior championships on the 18/2 at the Merley club. 

Graham/Steve/Azhar showed some interesting tactics and highlighted some of the ‘top 35 chess principles’ with the beginners, which can be viewed in our “Beginners” page.

Praise this week goes to Eduard and Rowley who both show great promise for the future in chess

As always many thanks to our coaches of Graham, our web site king, Steve, Azhar, Tony and Martin O’Neill for coming along and supporting the sessions. 

Latest Ladder

After good wins by Lathujan, Nicolas, Sameer, Pavina, Tristan, Yash, Joey, Jesse, Jiya and Rowley the ladders now looks like this:-

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