We welcomed 26 keen and enthusiastic young chess players, age range from 8 years old to 15 who were coached by a 6 equally keen coaches to help with all things chess. 

It was great to see continuation of some recent new recruits – Joshua, Carlo, Rowley and Victor together with the loyal and keen support of all the other players.  A warm welcome to Aman who came along for the first time, we hope he enjoyed the session and will return in the future.

Paul took the advanced 1st session and reviewed one of his recent league games which concentrated on the opening and middle game tactics. 

Eric, with Leo’s assistance, reviewed the Scotch gambit with several variations in the 2nd session. This was well received by the audience of 8 juniors and we look forward to seeing it used in the ladder board games. Here is a YouTube video showing a typical Scotch gambit setup.

Steve, Azhar, Andrew and Graham entertained other members with a cocktail of tactics, puzzles, openings and strategies. Let’s hope some of it sticks! We want to move on with other items to improve your skills, so it’s important to practice and try out what we have already shown, into your games.

We encourage feedback, if there are certain things you want explained further, please let us know.

The Dorset Junior Championships

The Dorset junior championships playing on the 18th February at Merley, was encouraged and we reminded all that details and entry form are posted onto our website. To date, Leo, Harry and Nicolas have entered from our club. Good luck to them.

Useful tips for Beginners

To try and make it easier to remember some of those tactics we teach, these short words may help:-


Two simple words to help improve your game

When being attacked think of the word TRIP

T – Can I Take the attacking piece?

R – Should I, or can I, Retreat or Run away?

I – Can I Interpose or Block the attacker?

P – Can I Protect the attacked piece?

Three important points to remember in your Chess Game

Think of the word COT

C – Try and control the Centre of the board in the opening moves.

O – Rooks belong on Open or semi open files

T – Always be looking for Targets, especially unprotected pieces.

Also CCA

CHECKS, CAPTURES and ATTACK are three words to mull over in your mind when staring at those 64 squares.


Wins today for Nicolas, Leo, Tristan, Pavina, Nathaniel, Larissa, Joshua, Alfie, Joey and Yash.

Hard earned draws for Lewis v Victor and Rafan v Woody. Well done to all of you.

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