In the final week before our Christmas competition, we had a strong attendance of 26 juniors, well done everyone for coming along to learn and play chess. 

Eric took the advanced sections and reviewed a dynamic game played by Nikolas Theodorou and Teimoura Radjabov in the recent European team championship. 

The opening was a very sharp Petroff defence, with white sacrificing pieces to draw the black king into open play and continue with natural development opening up an already exposed king side and accurately mating the hopeless black king. 

This game can be viewed in our ‘GAMES’ page.

This is a good message to all, that learning opening play is vital in the modern game, by using chess engines such as Chessable and Lichess, you can study various openings and avoid falling into traps. Thoroughly recommended. 

Steve, Paul and Graham continued to try and educate the beginners and intermediates explaining middle game combinations and the confusion this can cause. Thinking ahead 2, 3 or 4 moves is difficult at this level, but it’s the only way forward to win matches, practice makes almost perfect.

Next weeks competition

Being the last Saturday (16th Dec) of this current term we have our usual competition day which, this year will be a Swiss style 5 rounds tournament, with a time control of 15 mins each on the clock.

We will have two sections – Major and Minor, at present we have 20 participants, which we have split into what we think is a fair assessment of the abilities of those taking part, as shown below:-

This may change depending on additions or cancellations.

Starting at 10am prompt, we hope to conclude the proceedings along with prize giving by 1 pm.

Group Photo

It is customary to have a group photo at the close, for those wishing to take part (please check with your parents) and have our club T shirt it would be nice to see you wearing them.

Final Ladder positions

A flurry of ‘last gasp’ games to decide winners took place and the final positions look like this:-

So congratulations to Leo, Joey, Larissa and Alfie for winning their relevant groups. Medals will be presented to the winners.

But praise also for near winners Nathaniel, Jesse, Noah and Neil, well done to all.

For everyone taking part in the competition and those of you who have supported us this term who cannot be with us this Saturday, you will receive a certificate of appreciation at the prize giving or on return in the New Year.

Eric Sachs

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