We enjoyed the company of 24 enthusiastic and keen young juniors itching to move the pieces on a bitterly cold December morning. It is a pleasure to see so many coming along to learn and play chess. 

We were without Graham Morris for the 1st time in 6 years due to illness but am pleased to hear he will be back next Saturday for another onslaught! 

 Tony Sanderson came along to set out and review puzzles for the 1st advanced group and Tony remarked how well they are doing in finding solutions to 2/3/4 moves mates at various levels. We hope they can use pattern recognition and see the similar opportunities in their own games. 

Eric took the 2nd session and reviewed an interesting puzzle from The Times and went on to look at an end game featured in the times between GM Michael Adams and Shant Sargysan. 

Steve and Paul managed the beginners in both sessions adequately going through the paces on all aspects. They were reminded to practice with books and online lessons in between the Saturday lessons.  

Ladder Positions

Wins today for Nathaniel, Harry, Leo, Tristan, Pavina, Joey, Yash, Woody and Neil gives us a look at the penultimate positions for this seasons ladder competition.

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