With December almost upon us, a cold start to the day, but we welcome new member Sameer who has all the credentials to become an excellent player.

Ian Clarke reviewed the Alekhine defence with the 1st session advanced group…. 

Anyone wanting to know more on this opening, here is just one link you can find on YouTube

Eric reviewed a middle game played between John Nunn & Martins Madeira. This showed how to breakthrough from an even position …,, just 10 moves and the game was over (see below).  

This game can be viewed in our games menu allowing you to cycle through all the moves.

Paul entertained in his usual manner showing his group the ‘Hedgehog’ variation in the English game.

Again for those interested in learning more here is one video from YouTube


Eric requested the group to advise on which subjects they would like lessons on -ie:- opening/middle game positions/end games/tactics/mating puzzles etc….. so if you have anything you’d like to know more about, please let us know.

If you do want to become a better chess player, you MUST put in some homework and study as there is so much to master. We appreciate that some of our members just enjoy coming along on a Saturday and having a friendly game which sometimes results in laughter but sometimes in tears, dry those eyes and study, you’ll see a difference very quickly.

T Shirt

T shirt promotion and pictures of juniors sporting the new Bournemouth junior chess club logo – thanks to Danielle for co-ordinating and arranging all with parents. 

Some of the Bournemouth Junior Chess Club members proudly parading their club T shirts

Lost Property

We very often find items of clothing and water bottles left behind in the chess room, please try to insure your child remembers to take home all his/her belongings. This week we had a coat, water bottle and hat, of which the hat still remains in our possession. If it’s yours, please contact Eric.

Ladder Games

The Time control is now 15 minutes each to allow more time to analysis depth and record all moves – this will improve standard and levels of play for all. 

All players used the additional time control and notated during games which is good practice for all level of players. 

Latest Ladder Positions

Wins today for Nicolas, Nathaniel, Leo, Harish, Sameer, Noah, Yash, Jesse, Jashith and Blake.

With just 2 weeks to go before we close this terms Ladder, there is still time for medal positions to be had.

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