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Todays News

We had 26 juniors today bustling with eager enthusiasm as it was T shirt day as well as some much anticipated great games of chess.

Tony gave his usual round of puzzles for the advanced group, which is always well recieved and warms up their brains for the competitive games to come later on.

Eric and Leo went through a recent game featured in The Times newspaper. Steve, Paul and Graham played through games highlighting good/bad moves played by the beginners.

We had one new beginner, Peter, who we hope to see again soon.

Nicolas v Nathaniel

One game in particular was between two of our better players, Nicolas (White pieces) and Nathaniel who fought out a good battle which ended by agreeing a draw, Black was slightly better and may of won should time permitted. This game is featured in our GAMES menu where you can move the pieces through the game from beginning to end, with engine suggestions where ‘? or !‘ (in red) are illustrated.

Or play through the game from the notation below:-

Latest Ladder Positions

Only 3 weeks left before we close this competition, Leo, Jesse, Harish and Filip are the leaders at the moment.

With wins today for Larissa, Harish, Noah, Leo, Rafan, Jesse, Woody, Filip, Blake and Neil the ladder now looks like this, with their scores highlighted:-

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