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Another full house at the Bournemouth junior chess club with 28 keen and enthusiastic juniors coming to learn, enjoy and play chess.

Advanced section 1st session

Tony went through a selection of puzzles at different levels to get the kids into the chess mode. The puzzles from actual games show how to breakthrough defences, improve positions and gain advantage into winning lines. It is hoped they will teach and allow juniors to retain the knowledge and put into practice in their own actual games.

Advanced section 2nd session

Eric with Leo’s help at the demo board reviewed a very interesting game played recently between Magnus Carlson and Alisher Suleymanov an up-and-coming GM from Kazakhstan.

Carlson played the Queens Indian which he has not enjoyed much success with and became tied up on the queen side and allowed his opponent to break through the middle with sacrificing pieces and gain an impressive win in 31 moves. Although 300 grading points less than the previous world champion it shows the increasing and improving levels of young players striving to reach the very top levels.

Intermediates/beginners section

Steve and Graham took the inters and beginners through the rudiments of chess, along with tactics, openings and all essential considerations required to become a good chess player, some of it sticks, some of it doesn’t, but with practice it will come.

There is a lot to chess, nobody is saying it’s an easy game to learn, we coach as best we can, but you have to WANT to be a better player, only then can we help you.

Children in Need

Children in need day 17/11/23

The annual Children In Need day is coming up and all players were handed stickers to show their support for this great cause. Last year with combined with your help and out own club we managed to donate £160 so this year we would like to at least match this donation and possibly give as much as possible to children in need. Similar to previous years we will match your donation £ to £ from our own club and with your support be able to contribute a sizeable total.

Please make any contribution you can into our usual bank account and reference it Children in need.

Hampshire Junior Open Chess Congress

Hampshire junior open chess congress – 12th November 2023 – Badgers Farm

The annual Hampshire junior chess congress is nearly upon us and already some of our players have entered. We would encourage you to play if you possible can as there are few similar day events within our area.

The link for entry form and details is https.//www.event Junior-open-chess-congess 2023 tickets…. Entry fee is £30


Thanks as always to our dedicated team of Graham/Steve/Tony who came along today together with yours truly to give something back and help to teach and enjoy chess.

T Shirt design

Also, many thanks to Danielle for taking time and effort for organizing and ordering the t shirt project for the club.

Eric Sachs

Latest Ladder Positions

After wins by Leo, Tristan, Lathujan, Harish, Markus, Shriya, Jesse, Joey, Woody, Alfie, Neil, Jiya and Filip the tables look like this:-

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