At the end of the half term period, we received 24 keen and enthusiastic young chess aficionados. 

Tony Sanderson set out a variety of puzzles with differing levels to encourage the advanced section of the 1st session to find mating solutions. Leo/Nathaniel/Harry/Tristan/Nicolas & Noah all did well and enjoyed this exercise. 

Eric/Graham/Paul and Steve spent time with Lathujan/Harish/Larissa/Neil Markus and Pavina respectively reviewing openings/end games/ tactics to progress all into good chess players. 

Eric took the 2nd session advanced section of Joey/Woody/Jesse and Jashith and went through an end game between Levy Rozman/Shreya Royal which was recently published in the Times – an excellent review of a classic end game position. We carried on to review a mating puzzle shown on the Dorset chess website – which Jesse smartly solved in a short time – well done. 

2nd session beginners with Graham, Paul and Steve were Filip, Blake, Rinisha, Nirvan, Tudor, Alfie and Lewis. Of these, Blake appears to be the one to beat.

Alekine Defence

Paul was showing a few members the Alekine Defence, for anyone wishing to know more about this follow the link below:-

Latest Ladder Results

Good wins today for:-

Leo, Nathaniel, Tristan, Lathujn, Neil, Larissa, Jashith, Woody, Alfie, Nirvan, Filip, and:-

Blake, whose birthday it is next week –

Excellent win for Jashith over Joey to go top equal in the advanced 11.30 group, Larissa and Blake top other groups with Leo unbeatable in the 10 am advanced. The BIG match next week will be between Leo and Nathaniel. Tickets available for the front row seats!

T Shirts

Design A has been selected by the majority, more news next week

How to win at Chess

From a recent publication by the aforementioned Levy Rozman, there are some very interesting chapters taking the beginner to be a winner in chess. Openings for both White and Black, End game checkmates and tactics, What is a draw, Attacking, defending and capturing, Gambits, plus Strategy and more. Take a look, play the moves, all very good advice.

Halloween Gambit

Your clock should have gone BACK!

Thanks as always to the regular team for supporting all to teach chess for all standards.

Eric Sachs

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