Happy Birthday Zander, a sing song from some of the gang sent on What’s app video, – (the wonders of technology when it works) while you’re far away on holiday in South Africa. Thinking of you.

We had a good turnout yesterday of 25 juniors despite it being half term week.

In the 1st advanced session Tony Sanderson set up levels of puzzles from easy to hard which the full complement of players worked through with success. This is fun and shows how to see pattern recognition from live positions.

We welcomed Dennis Stokes-Carter to the club whom kindly went through the Sicilian Defence 4 Knights variation with the 2nd advanced group, which was well received. Thank you for coming along Dennis and you are always welcome.

The intermediate and beginners’ section were well attended and lively and active in both sessions

The T- shirt initiative is underway and we are in the process of selecting logos this week and we can then place an order.

Many thanks to Graham/Steve/Leo as always for giving tuition and Dee for coming to along to support the club.

A few snapshots of pure concentration, well maybe not with Nathaniel in every shot.

Latest Ladder positions

Good wins today for Leo, Nathaniel, Harish, Tristan, Pavina (yeah, a win at last) Lathujan, Joey, Jesse, Yash, Jashith, Blake and Lewis.

Leo seems unbeatable this season, maybe Nathaniel will have something to say about that! Harry has had a difficult run, he is a much better player than his position reflects, perhaps 10 min chess is not his forte.

Joey has been impressive and shows a good positive attitude to his chess, Jesse is hot on his heels though.

Jashith and Blake deserve to be promoted into the advanced 11.30 section as both players have outshone their rivals in the beginners section. Well done!

Larissa may be the quiet one, but Hey Ho look everybody, I’m top! Tudor has lots of potential and Alfie is trying hard to improve.

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