I am delighted to report we had an enjoyable and successful junior chess club yesterday when 28 keen and enthusiastic kids/juniors came along to learn and play chess in our Autumnal season.

First, let me see cheerio to Kane who joined us in year 3, many years ago, and has come continuously, played online through the covid period, came to the Elstead hotel for 3 years, returned to the library with the club and has now hung up his openings, as other commitments are taking priority, perfectly understandable. 

 He has developed into a good chess player and has always been a pleasure to teach, we wish him well in all his future endeavours. Remember chess is a life skill, well done Kane. 

We welcomed Max back yesterday after a few years away and he reminded me of his talent and I hope he continues with his chess as he has real ability. 

Tony Sanderson took the advanced 1st session and set tactical puzzles from real games at different levels to review and find the correct and most accurate moves. This was highly successful and gave the 6 players much food for thought. Well done to all juniors for taking part and showing depth in this exercise. 

Eric took the 2nd advanced 2nd session and went through a world championship game over 50+ played recently from a position where white overplayed with knights against two bishops and went on to lose in an interesting endgame. 

We also reviewed a puzzle with from the Dorset website with a mate in 2 ……well done to all players who came up with ideas and the solution. Excellent response. 

All advanced players played ladder games on the clock and notated all moves – well done to all and showing commitment to this. 

 Thanks again to Leo for staying behind in the 2nd session who went through a Sicilian defence opening from the white pieces viewpoint showing Nico and Jashith variations up to and including the middle game structures. 

Steve and Graham held their own against the newbies and beginners, showing basic opening moves and principles through to endgame checkmates.

Ladder results and positions

Good wins today for Nicolas, Tristan, Leo, Nathaniel, Larissa, Marcus, Shriya, Violet, Max, Joey, Woody, Blake, Cem, Jashith and Nirvan. Well done to all.

Where points are equal, alphabetical order is shown.

Just to clarify, 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for turning up!

‘T’ shirt design

There will be a separate posting later this week to show some suggested designs for you to vote on. If you have any ideas of your own, please let us see them.

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