Another full house at the library yesterday and great to see Zander there along with newcomers – Neil (brother of Nidhi, from many years ago) Ben/George/Violet and a one off Marco(friend of Harry). All in all, 29 keen and enthusiastic young chess players. 

Leo stepped up to the demonstration board to review a Lichess game he played recently (grade 2000+) which was well received in both advanced sessions. Eric supported the group and encouraged comments and ideas from all.

 It is important for all to join in with variations and thoughts during these sessions to gain knowledge and hopefully put those into practice in their own games. 

Very well done Leo who is only 12 now but playing in the BDCL divisions three and four against experienced adults and is both a Hampshire and Dorset champion at an early age. 

Leo came to Bournemouth in 2018 and joined our club at the library within a week of arriving here and had developed into a really strong player with a cool head for someone so young, an absolute star! 

Paul is showing his group of intermediate pupils variations of the English Opening, this week concentrating on the symmetrical variation.

A short 5 minute YouTube video by a young man called the Chess Geek is linked below should you be interested in learning more about this opening.

Steve and Graham concentrated on the new beginners with opening principles and ideas within the game of chess. There is a lot to learn and it may seem daunting to a raw beginner, but stick with it and you will be rewarded with a rich and exciting game that you can be proud of knowing.

Chess Club Tee Shirts

We have lots of interest in our Chess club’s Tee shirt idea, what we need is a Logo so we can start to get some printed. This is where you come in, let’s have some ideas from our members on a Logo. Leo’s mum Daniele is taking orders so let either her or Eric have your designs and ideas, ASAP.


We are always looking for additional tutors as our numbers continue to grow, if you or anyone you know might be interested in giving us a hand on a Saturday morning at the Bournemouth Central Library, at any level, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ladder Board and scoring changes

We are changing the scoring system for our Ladder competition. back dated 4 weeks to the 16th September:-

A win is awarded 3 points and a draw is awarded 2 points, if you lose your game you will still get 1 point as this shows you attended and took part in a game. Obviously no points for absentees.

This is now reflected in the charts below, at this stage of the proceedings, little has changed, but it will over the next few weeks I’m sure. We think this is a fair system, which we hope you will all agree on.

The point system applies to one ladder game per week with a timed limit of either 10 or 15 minutes on the clock. Please try to play different opponents and alternate piece colour, Graham will advise on pairings.

Eric Sachs

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