As the autumn session is now underway, we say goodbye to September 2023 and in our 4th week we enjoy seeing growing numbers and new players weekly to join many of our regulars, with a total of 30 juniors at the club yesterday.

It was really nice to see the range of ages we get, with one family bringing along a 2 ½ yr old to see and share in a junior chess club and experiencing that environment – watch out Magnus!

Equally it was great to welcome Callum Daly who started coming to our club in the library whilst in year 4 and is now doing ‘A’ levels at Poole Grammar, hoping to progress into university – all are welcome!

Ian Clark (welcome back) gave the first lesson with the advanced group, going through King & Pawn and Rook endings – well received, many thanks Ian.

Ian Clark

Eric gave the second session advanced group puzzles highlighted in this week’s Dorset website – again well received. Chess puzzles are a good way to show pattern recognition which is key in winning chess games.

John Nunn’s book – ‘1001 deadly checkmates’ is highly recommended for players of all standards.

There was an interesting game between Nathaniel (with an ‘e’) and Nicholas, in which Nicolas, playing well, won a piece, but in a complicated middle game couldn’t find a way through the undeveloped position on his opponent’s queen side and in a time scramble forfeited his advantage and came second, but well done both players in this game.

Generally across the board Harish and Lathujan are doing well, also Blake in the beginners section. We are hoping that several members in the new and beginners section are enjoying chess and learning all the time.

As always, thanks to are core team of Paul, Steve, Graham and Dee for their loyal and dedicated support, without them, it would be very difficult with the number of juniors we have that want to come along and play chess.


Some parents have requested that no photos of their child should be published on our website, we will monitor and edit any pictures that may have those juniors included. We would like to ask parents to please make their child aware of this and for them to step aside when group pictures are taken, which is mainly at end of term competitions. Thank you.

Eric Sachs

Shriya beating Graham again!

Mmm, are they taking their own pieces off the board?

The view outside looks better than the position on this chess board!

Latest Ladder positions

After wins by Leo, Harish, Nathaniel, Harry, Noah, Jashith, Blake, Jesse, Tudor and Joey, the board looks like this:-

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