31 juniors of all ages ranging from 5-16 years old, 5 tutors, ladder board competition resumption for the autumn term and an enthusiastic and enjoyable session yesterday. 

Welcome back, Marcel, Yash, and Nathaniel and newcomers, Tudor, Viktor, Cem, Alfie and Victor.

Tony Sanderson gave the 1st advanced session tutorial on the Vienna opening… 

Anyone interested in learning more about this opening here is a YouTube link:-

 Eric reviewed a game published in the times between Nikita Vitugov vs Dmitri Andrivka in the recent Russian championship. Vitugov is ranked 25th in the world ranking with a rating of 2719 and has recently transferred to the English Chess Federation making him the strongest current player in the UK. 

Viugov played the Catalan sacrificing a pawn in the opening giving him a tempi and a strong attack which finally came to fruition after 37 moves and a successful outcome. Worth looking at. 

Lathujan showed good analysis during a session with Eric solving mating puzzles from the excellent John Nunn 1001 mates bible in two and three moves. 

Ladder starts today!

There were impressive ladder games especially between Harish and Yash with pieces flying around in both attack and defence and a win for Harish. Also, Joey’s game vs Kane, solid and thoughtful eventually winning the end game. 

Leo sacrificed a piece against Nicholas which was only hopeful and did not come to any advantage. Nicholas really should have won however he unfortunately missed an attack to allow Leo to mate in the corner . 

All ladder games were played on clocks with notation recorded by all players, well done. This created a serious but enjoyable atmosphere conducive to competition chess. 

Early days obviously, so winners and losers in alphabetical order.


As always, thanks to the team of Graham, Steve, Paul and Tony (1st session). 

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