After a break of 3 1/2 years due to covid, we returned to the Bournemouth Central Library to carry on our junior chess club held in the two conference rooms on the 2nd floor. 

It was great to welcome back from the summer break 20 of our junior chess players namely: 


The purpose of our club, is chess for all, in an educated and fun method. To teach beginners, to improve existing intermediates and further advance our top section if they wish to go on to playing chess outside in clubs or congresses mainly amongst other juniors. 

Advanced Groups

John Weatherlake went through a game by Yasser Seirawan vs Alexander Beliavsky on the big display board with the advanced groups.

This was played in the World Cup, Brussels 1988 — Where Beliavsky doesn’t bother with castling, keeps his king safely in the centre and throws his kingside pawns at the castled white king.

The full game can be viewed in our “Games” page.

Intermediates and Beginners

Graham, Paul and Eric reviewed various tactics, openings, moves and games with the intermediates and less experienced players. 


The ladder board competition will start again next week 16/9 which will run until the 9/12 with prizes for as many of the winners and certificates for attendance. 


Thank you Noah for the Bobby Fischer key rings bought while in Iceland (not the freezer store!) already put into good use.

Next week

We have some new beginners starting next Saturday and a return of some of the juniors that came along and enjoyed our lessons at the Elstead hotel over the last couple of years. 

Many thanks to Graham, Paul Errington, John Weatherlake and Dee, all helping out on the day. We welcome back Steve Bailey and Tony Sanderson next week to boost our coaching team to provide as much group and individual coaching as possible. 

Remember,  chess is a skill for life that can be played anywhere, anytime and opens all doors – keep it going! 

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