On this penultimate Saturday of junior chess at the Elstead hotel, we enjoyed the company of 30 juniors, including first timers Dexter, Blake, Callum and a return visitation from Zander, all welcome and good to meet. Impressive play from Dexter, good understanding of the game from Blake, giving a running commentary through out the game! NB – chess should be a quiet thought process……

Tony Sanderson took on the majority of advanced players with a simultaneous display, notable performances by Leo and Tristan – who deserves a round of applause for an excellent winning game.

Graham Hillman also gave a simultaneous display, this time with the 11.30 group, coming out on top with the exception of a cunning tactical move from Woody winning his game, well done Woody.

No ladder games were played today as a result, so the final positions remain as last week, with Harish and Nico topping the two relevant time sessions, congratulations to both of you.

Interesting to note, that if it hadn’t been a Handicap format and based on games played and won, the winners would have been:- Leo, with Nathaniel and Noah a close second in the early group and Nico, Jesse and Marcel all equal top in the second group.

Happy Birthday to Shriya on Wednesday 20th July, we hope you have a lovely day and get some nice presents.

Next week is not only our last day of the summer season, but sadly our last day at the Elstead hotel as they are closing down, as a final curtain call, we will be having a 10 second buzzer lightening Swiss round tournament, starting at 10 am and finishing approximately at 12 noon with prize giving to follow.

Should any parent NOT want photos taken of their child please let us know in advance.

We will resume on the 9th September back at the Bournemouth Central library. More on that next week.

Ladder – Final Positions

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