Another hot week and they still come along for a game of chess, 28 juniors this Saturday of which some are in the middle of school exams but still choose to take a break from that dreaded revising chore. Only a few more weeks before the end of term – Hoorayyyyy!

Next week we have a home match against Lytchett Minster School who are hoping to bring 10 or more pupils from the school to play against some of our top players, it’s always great experience for all involved to play new opponents.

This will start at 10 am and may last until 12 noon, those not playing in the team will have lessons and games just as a normal Saturday at their normal times either 10am or 11.30am.

Tutors this week were Eric, Steve, Graham Hillman, James, Leo and Graham Morris, topics included openings, middle game tactics, endgame check mating patterns and a discussion concerning Bishop v Knight values.

Graham Hillman lead the advance groups on the demonstration board with ideas regarding unusal and unorthodox chess openings, namely the Bird Opening (f4), the b4 Sokolsky or Polish opening, Nimzowitsch Defence and the Petrov Defense.

Latest Ladder Positions

Plenty of good games played today, winners include Nicolas, Noah, Fabrizio, Harry M, Harish, Nirvan, Kane, Rafan, Daisy and Jiya. Well done to all. This is what the ladder looks like now:-

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