We had a good number of budding and keen young chess players who came along to learn and play chess despite the half term and sunshine, along with all the attractions from outside. 

We welcomed back Manvik,  also Dima who is from Ukraine and is a promising player. 

Eric went through a game by Samuel Reshevsky (1911-1992} the boy prodigy from Poland who was literally giving simuls at 8 years old, a true great who did not manage to win the world championship. 

It was fun explaining the old English notation taken from a 1976 book to young players who only know algebraic notation. The game of 24 moves was a standard Ruy Lopez which developed very nicely though the king side and strong pawn structures through the centre of the board. 

Many thanks to Leo who showed Tristan the Sicilian defence and as always Graham Morris and Graham Hillman who helped to make it all possible. 

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