Happy half term holidays to all our readers & the weather looks set fair for the week.

Welcome newbies Jack, Manvik and Dima

Happy Birthday to Kane, who couldn’t be with us today.

Many thanks and welcome to James Comer who is a 1st year student at Bournemouth University who came along to help with coaching yesterday. We hope to see him again and am sure all our juniors will enjoy playing against him.

Graham Hillman reviewed GM Aron Nimzowitsch the Latvian-Danish player with the 1st session advanced group. He was famed for being one of the best chess players in the word of his time in the late 20’s and early 1930’s and was the foremost figure amongst the hyper-moderns and wrote a very famous influential book on chess theory. It is highly recommended for serious young chess players.

Eric reviewed the famous ‘Kings Walk’ game between Nigel Short and Jan Timman played in 1991. This game of 34 moves showed going against convention to bring the King into the attack with all most pieces still in play to support his Queen and win the game for Short. A great tactic if it works!

This game can be see on our ‘GAMES’ page.

As always many thanks to our helpers – Graham Morris/Graham Hillman/Paul Errington/Dee/James Comer and both Finn and Leo who stayed into the 2nd session to assist with coaching. The ratio of individual coaching is really beneficial for some players and group sessions for others and this is achieved by having the loyal group of all to run our club.

Winners today:-

Harish, Noah, Finn, Nicolas, Leland, Shriya, Jiya, Bertie (I’ve left my hat behind), Stephen, Marcel and Leo.

Latest Handicap Ladder

Big movers of the day go to Harish, Noah, Jiya and Leland.

Alfie has had to drop out as he now has a Saturday morning job, we hope that goes well for him, we will miss his presence.

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