A Bank holiday chess bonanza when 38 juniors turned up to learn and play chess. The new players seem to be coming every week and we welcomed Carlos and Harish and wish them well with their chess. 

Next Saturday is coronation chess day and to confirm by popular demand we will be carrying on as usual and expect another full house. This will be the first of 4 classes in May and we plan to continue our Saturday classes until the 22 July. 

Yesterday we had the added resource of Finn and Leo tutoring in the 2nd session and welcome their help. 

In the advanced section Eric went through mating and winning move puzzles, one or two variations from the current world championship which introduces ideas towards pattern recognition and how to finish off over the board games. 

Some of these puzzles were quite hard to solve but both groups engaged and found a way between them to solve the puzzles, well done. 

As always without our helpers, Graham M/Graham H/Steve and Dee, we would not be able to support such big numbers – thank you all. 

Eric Sachs

Games Played and Latest Ladder Positions

Winners today were:-

Marcus / Frabizio / Harish / Lathujan / Harry Lee / Leo / Finn / Tristan / Woody / Rafan / Jesse

Swara / Robin / Jiya / Joey / Alfie / Nico / Roni

Draws agreed for Leland & Stephen / Shriya & Carlos

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