Happy Easter to ALL our readers, good to see so many youngsters dropping by for a game of chess this Easter weekend. A warm welcome to both Nico and Alfie, our latest new members.

G’day to our international chess player recently back from Australia – Graham Hillman, who went through a recent ‘immortal’ game played by Simon Williams in round 2 of the Reykjavik Open with the advanced groups. Two different links are below should you be interested, one being a YouTube video with dialogue, the other a transcript from Chess.com. The game is also posted in our ‘GAMES’ page in this website.


A few ‘friendly’ games were played as a warm up for the new Ladder competition starting next week which will run until our current term ends in July, when we will take a break over the summer holidays. In the meantime have a lovely Easter and enjoy your holiday.

Eric Sachs

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