24 keen and enthusiastic players turned up to sample a novel and fun ‘suicide and Fischer random’ event and with the addition of Alvin who is our engaging regular latecomer made it 25 in total. 

The purpose of the competition was to try something completely different on the board using the same chess moves as we know them, but on different starting squares and with the sole purpose of losing all pieces as quickly as possible!

We had practiced the precious week, so nearly all players were familiar with the rules and what a credit it was as there were no issues or adjudications necessary. 

The competition was an open all play all, in which various juniors drew the pairings for the first 3 rounds, followed by accelerated Swiss pairing rules for the latter 4 rounds. 

I think it’s fair to say 95% of all enjoyed the format as a one off and I am sure all players will benefit to having played this variation to the normal game. 

Once again Finn and Zander could not choose between themselves who should win, having played and drawn against each other, each scoring 6.5 from 7 games played, whilst Leo and Pavina both scored 5 from 7 to take second place, 8 juniors tied on 4 points each, so well done to all of them. Cash prizes were given to the top four players.

It is our wish to encourage all players that come along weekly to have a certificate of attendance and these were carefully designed by Graham and all received certificates. If you couldn’t attend today and would like a certificate please let Eric know and we’ll have one for you.

Just to remind all, we are continuing through Easter and the half term break and hope to see you next week or when you are available. 

I need to mention the loyal support of our team of Graham/Steve/Paul and other weekly tutors to make the lessons and numbers we have possible. 

Happy Easter to all 

Result Chart

Medals were also presented to the winners of the recent Round Robin competition that we held, results and winners were published on the 11th March newsletter.

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