On our last day of the year, mince pies, sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks, crisps and chokkie bars all went – woosh, woosh, during the 7 round blitz event, which was enjoyed by all who came along in full Christmas spirit. OK a few winning positions were lost on time, but it all adds to the fun.

Yash would have won a prize for his bright yellow onesie, Woody doing his best to advertise the ‘Greggs’ chain of foods and our team carried the flag with traditional green Elf hats!

The three sections of major/intermediate/minor had 8 players in each group supplemented by one or two coaches every now and then during the 7 rounds. Thanks to Graham Hillman for taking on the advanced group!

Our strongest players Zander and Finn took the accolades in the advanced group, chess was dramatic and the highlight was the exciting and excellent game played between them, that was always going to decide the top place in the major section. It was so close, the game was double edged and as the seconds ticked away Zander managed to mate with 3 seconds left, well played both. Phew!

Well done Nathaniel, who dominated in the intermediate group. Yash and Marcel were equal top in the minor section, agreed, the competition in that group was a tad below them but it gave them valuable wins and prize money to encourage for the future.

All 25 players managed to score and went home with something to remember.

There were prizes & medals for the ladder board winners, the three sections of winners and second places in all events and all 25 players received attendance certificates.

It was great to see everyone including parents stay behind for the prize giving and the photos.

As always, a special thanks to our team of Graham Morris, Steve Bailey, Graham Hillman and Paul Errington – all dedicated to teaching junior chess.

Merry Christmas to all our readers and see you all in the new year on Saturday 7th January.

Photos courtesy of Graham Hillman

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