Enabling blind and partially sighted people to enjoy the game of chess.

The 2021 BCA Telephone Email Skype Summer Ladder (TESSLa short) event was played over three months, 27 competitors played 214 games! They also used Lichess, Zoom and SMS text.

The year’s U1450 Ladder Champion is our very own Steve Bailey (Poole, & Bournemouth Junior Chess)

2021 TESSLa Ladder Challengers winner, Steve Bailey, with his medal. Congratulations Steve!

The Masked Chess Player

As a one off exercise, this week we put some of our juniors in the dark and gave them the opportunity to experience the difficulty of playing chess with different levels of partial sight and complete blindness. Steve Bailey, our very own partially sighted tutor bought along a selection of glasses and blindfolds for some of the juniors to try on and appreciate how blind people play chess, of which there are many.

Other news

30 juniors duly arrived sharing their Easter holidays with us and ready for more chess tuition and games. Some were off to a birthday party straight after, but had to come and play chess first! Testament to the power of the game. We hope you had a great day Jiya.

Next week we start a fresh with the ever popular Ladder League, so buckle up and off we go!

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