Once again it is great to see the enthusiasm and continuation of 27 kids that came along to play and learn chess especially during half – term week where there are so many other activities going on in the area.

This week I would like to take the opportunity to highlight the support from our team of helpers that come along and make all things junior chess possible on Saturday mornings, without this team junior chess would not happen.

Graham Morris – he is the quiet one in the corner that can do anything and supports every activity without any fuss and specializes in maintaining our web site.  He is my heartbeat regarding all things junior chess for our club. Graham posts the weekly results from the ladder boards, reviews some of the play and we share how the individual kids are doing on an ongoing basis. Graham has supported junior chess and yours truly over 4 years now on a continuous basis.

Steve Bailey – our visually impaired teacher, really enjoys  teaching  the beginners and has the patience of Jobe, he is kind, has a smiling face (mostly)  and is understanding to with all the kids  – Steve has supported junior chess and myself for about 6 years now.

Paul Errington – Paul came to the Primary schools with me when I first started teaching kids some 9 years ago. We have taught at Moordown Primary school, St Michaels, Malmesbury, Castle Court and St Marks. At Senior school we taught chess At Avonbourne for 5 years and achieved major success winning the Mayor of Bournemouth senior trophy and playing in the local adult BD &CL chess leagues Division 4.   Paul continued with me at Bournemouth Central Library 6 years ago and still comes along every Saturday to teach the kids – it has become a way of life.

Simon Fox – Simon has a young family and 3 generations of his family love and play chess. He has come along when he is free and is great in fitting in with whatever level he can teach and help with. His presence is always welcome and enjoys the contact and association with junior chess. He is a strong chess player.

Tony Sanderson – is a new recruit to the team and enjoys teaching at the board and puzzles with the advanced players. Very much like ourselves he really enjoys and engages with the kids and feels the joy, fun and enthusiasm these lessons bring. He says these sessions help his own chess.

Dee Sachs (Nustedt) – Dee is the support that is needed to bring an all round success with the team. She is great with any personal issues that may occur and honestly we encounter very few, she helps with any tearful kids and recently started teaching beginners. She is a common strand within the team and has supported me in this activity for nearly 10 years now, a tremendous personal commitment.

Eric Sachs – Dee asked me to come to Moordown St Johns primary school 10 years ago and I said I am not a teacher and cannot imagine teaching chess to kids! Well, a whole lifetime has gone by and the enjoyment, enthusiasm has enveloped a great deal of time in retirement. I cannot say any more.

Our purpose is to give our chess knowledge back to kids that want to share our love of chess and all that it brings – I don’t need to add, just mine and the team’s pleasure is to continue to bring chess to anyone that wishes to learn and see them enjoy, develop and let chess become part of a life skill.

See you next Saturday.

Eric Sachs

28 February 2022

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