Zander and Harry took on 12 opponents in a SIMUL display with a score of 8/12. (Eight wins from 12 games). This highlighted the strength and ability of both players to take a group of other opponents, great stuff, against a few older and more experienced players by age. Very well done and what a credit and great experience.

Congratulations to Leo, Max, Romeo and Jessy in all winning games against them, others that had good games were Kacper, Kane, and Woody. Well done all in taking part and we look forward to the next event.

Individual scores

Zander/Harry vs

Leo 0-1

Kacper 1-0

Max 0-1

Kane 1-0

Romeo 0-1

Sebbi 1-0

Marcel 1-0

Woody 1-0

Joey 1-0

Jessy 0-1

Swara 1-0

Jiya 1-0

The event took about 1 hour and 15 minutes which was shorter than planned and I would suggest all players take a little more time to find the depth in the positions to improve play and not making simple mistakes, but great event overall and well done all.

Eric Sachs


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