On Saturday we reviewed a Chess 960 game between Wesley So and Maxime Vachier- Lagrave.

Chess 960 or Chess 9LX is a variant of chess as we know it. It has the same rules of normal chess except the major/back pieces are moved on the back rank ensuring no pieces start on their usual squares.

This type of game favours those instinctive players that enjoy playing outside the book openings. It also favours combinations and piece co-ordination that can immediately find space on the board.

The whole game can be viewed in our GAMES menu, it won the tournament prize and we all enjoyed it during the session.

Everybody from the advanced section went on to play chess 960, some for the 1st time.

I would encourage all budding chess players to play this from time to time which can be very different from usual chess.

Eric Sachs

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