Two of our four winners were available on Saturday to receive well earnt prizes of magnetic board chess sets.

Joey and Harry R H have shown excellent progress over the past weeks and months, both winning their retrospective Ladder competitions.

The other two winners unable to attend were Zander and Swara, well done to all.

Eric and Joey, complete with chess set and much needed water bottle!
Eric with Harry R H

A new competition for the next few weeks

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An ALL – PLAY – ALL challenge over the next few weeks will replace the Ladder competition previously held. Members from each group of beginners and advance pupils (10 am and 11.30am sessions) will have their own mini competitions. Even the very beginners can join in the fun.

More will be explained on Saturday, so come along if possible.

Each week the four charts like this will be updated and posted on the website.

Pick of the bunch Saturdays results played in a competitive manner:-

Finn 1 – 0 Oliver

Leo 0 – 1 Aarev

Jesse 1 – 0 Jvitesh

Marianna 0 – 1 Joey

Woody 1 – 0 Kane

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