A scintillating morning of simultaneous chess featuring our very own and highly rated Poole Chess Club player Mike Duggan. Due to Covid restrictions and some juniors having to isolate, numbers were depleted to only 11 taking part, nevertheless, some Stella performances evolved, of which all participants can be very proud.

The time control for the whole event was set at 2 hours and during that time of deep concentration, no one actually beat Mike, but there were 5 drawn games agreed, of which it was decided by Mike and Eric, that the best three games played were by:-

Kacper (1st prize £25)

Jesse (2nd prize £15)

Jiya (3rd prize £10)

 Other players that achieved draws were:

Jivitesh and Zander

 Everyone who took part received a certificate to commemorate the day, with a photoshoot afterwards.

A huge thanks to Mike Duggan for giving up his time to entertain and hopefully, he may have educated our juniors. Either way it’s all very good experience for them all.

Meanwhile Steve and Graham continued teaching the beginners, Lewis and Jacob are showing great progress and a warm welcome to both Leylah and Shirya.

Next Saturday 24th July, we are holding an all-play-all 6 round tournament, with clocks of 10 min ea and with prizes for best performances. This should last aprox 2 hours, starting at 10 o’clock, so please try and make that, let Eric know if you intend to participate.

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