‘Springing’ into our first Saturday of March came 26 enthusiastic chess prodigies, all champing at the bit to play a proper game.

But for the first half an hour, we try to teach chess skills at all levels. Leo took an advanced class in the first session, whilst Martin O Neill took over for the second group of advanced players.

Leo played through one of his own games:-

Martin’s game of the week was played between Nigel Short and Jan Timman, which can be viewed in full in our ‘GAMES’ page. Below is just a ‘snippet’ of the game, up to Black’s 6th move.

Azhar continued with tuition on chess notation and pawn + rook endgames, Steve was more into the middle game, whilst Graham introduced a few juniors to the Ponziani Opening for white and the pro’s and con’s of the Sicilian Defence for Black.

A very instructive video on YouTube by Eric Rosen, shows some nice Ponziani tactics, he is talking with another player and asking questions whilst showing the main moves and traps. It’s worth a watch if you have 25 mins.

Reminder for Next Weekend!

Good wins today for Leo (of course), Nicholas, Harish, Nathaniel, Harry (hooray), Larissa, Rowley, Joey, Victor, Jesse, Joshua and Rafan.

So the tables now look like this:-

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